Public Works


  • Department of Public Works Operations Manager - Michael Wise
  • Water & Sewer Operations Manager - Jim Gibbons
  • Cemetery Coordinator - James Shattuck
  • Facilities Manager - Peter Lawson
  • Department of Public Works Business Manager - LeeAnn McGahan

Water and Sewer

Is there LEAD in your tap water? (PDF) - a MWRA brochure

All fees are subject to change:

  • News Rack Permit - $50 per year per publisher, $25 renewal per year
  • Street Opening Permit - $106 per permit

River & Pond Clean-Up Assistance

The Town of Winchester Department of Public Works may be available to assist local community groups with river and pond clean-up events. Previously, the Department of Public Works has worked cooperatively with local Boy Scout troops on clean-ups along the Aberjona River and with the Friends of Winter Pond. For more information please contact James M. Gill, Department of Public Works Director.