Transfer Station / Recycling Center

The Transfer Station is for WINCHESTER RESIDENTS ONLY

Transfer Station Permits - 2024: Please read carefully

The Town is launching a new license plate reader program for users of the municipal transfer station facility.  We have contracted with a vendor to provide digital license plate reader technology for access to the facility.  We will not be mailing permits nor putting stickers on your cars with this new system. Enforcement will be done via the digital license plate reader system.  

Click here to buy your Transfer Station Permit online.  Enforcement will begin on March 1, 2024!

For those who prefer to purchase the permit(s) in person, you may visit Town Hall during normal business hours. Please bring with you the RMV Registration for each motor vehicle you will be taking to the Transfer Station. Visit the following offices to buy in person:

Town Clerk - First Floor

  • Resident permit

Health Dept.- Lower Level

  • Low-Income Resident permit
  • Local Business permit
  • Commercial Trash Hauler permit

You may return to Town Clerks Office using the same envelope as your Annual Town Census.  You may mail USPS or drop in the Gray Drop Boxes at the front and rear of the Town Hall. 

Residential Permit Fees

Permit Type
First Permit $340*
2nd regular permit $30
Replacement Permit $15
Low-Income Permit $30
Local Business Permit $340*
One-Day Permit $50

* Transfer Station Fee is $277, plus $63 for the Capital Fee


Transfer Station / Recycling Center Resources

This is Winchester.  The Transfer Station is not a dump!  

A video about the Town's Transfer Station.  Thank you to Joyce Westner and Peter Engeldrum for this video!  

Commercial Permit Fees

Permit Type
First Permit for Commercial Trash Haulers $300
Each Additional Permit $225
All Other Commercial Vehicles $225

Beyond the Bin

The Beyond the Bin search tool is next level recycle searching.  Use it to find out how and where to donate or recycle items that can't go in your home recycling bin and are too good to trash.

New residents can not be listed on town Census prior to July 1st to qualify for prorated rate.

Items That Require An Additional Fee

  • Minimum scale charge: $15
  • Commercial solid waste: $175 per ton
  • Commercial brush / trees / limbs: $185 per ton
  • Commercial mixed: $200 per ton
  • Commercial compost: $50 per ton
  • Commercial bulky metal: $65 per ton
  • Building and demolition debris: $230 per ton
    • Defined as materials from construction, renovation, demolition, or wood of any kind
    • Demolition debris may not exceed 42 inches in length
    • All wood and plastic fencing and landscape materials
    • Large quantities of clean gypsum wallboard are banned per the State of Massachusetts, and must be recycled at a C&D facility
  • Freon units: $15 (air conditioner, dehumidifier, freezer, refrigerator, water, or wine cooler)
  • Appliances: $10 (clothes dryer, clothes washer, dishwasher, heating unit oil or gas, hot water heater, stove, oven, range, trash compactor)
  • Tires: $10 (18 inches or less)
  • Propane tanks: $10 (20 lbs only)
  • Television: $10 (laptops, TVs, monitors 5 inches to 16 inches)
  • Television: $15 (TVs, monitors 17 inches - 36 inches)
  • Television: $25 (TVs, monitors over 36 inches)

Notice: all refuse must be acceptable waste as determined by the director of public works. If you're not sure, check the list of unacceptable items.