Voting and Elections

The Office of the Town Clerk is also the department in Town Hall that administers federal, state and local elections for the Town of Winchester. The office can assist you with many aspects concerning voter registration, eligibility questions, absentee balloting, early voting, online voter registration and much more. Please review the details on this site and contact us if you have any further questions.

Register to Vote

You may register to vote in Massachusetts if: 

  • You are citizen of the United States; and
  • You must be at least 18 years of age on or before the next election; and
  • You are 16 years old you can pre-register; and
  • You are a resident of Massachusetts; and
  • You are not currently incarcerated by reason of a felony conviction.

If you meet the above requirements, you may register to vote online, by mail, or in-person.

The deadline to register to vote in any election or regular town meeting is twenty (20) days prior to the date of the election or meeting. The deadline to register to vote in a special town meeting is ten (10) days prior to the special town meeting. 

Registering Online:

Click here to register online

In order to register to vote online, you must have a signature on file with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. If you currently have a Massachusetts driver's license or state ID card, you may use the online voter registration application to register, update your address, or change your party affiliation. Voter registration forms submitted online must be submitted by midnight on the date of voter registration deadline.

Registering by Mail:

If you do not qualify to register to vote online, or if you would prefer to register by mail, you may download the voter registration form by using the link provided in the box to the right. The form must be completed, signed, and delivered to your local election official. Voter registration forms submitted by mail must be postmarked no later than the voter registration deadline. 

Registering In-Person:

If you would like to register in-person, you may do so at any local election office, as well as the Elections Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office. Voter registration is also available as part of every transaction at the Registry of Motor Vehicles and at certain public assistance agencies. Voter registration forms completed in-person are valid as of the day that they are signed. 

Changing Your Address:

You must updated your voter registration every time you move. If you have moved, you may update your registration by filling out a new voter registration form. If you move after the deadline to register to vote in a state election or primary, you should wait to update your registration until after the date of the election or primary, and return to vote at your previous polling place in Massachusetts. State laws allows you to vote from a previous address in a state election for up to six months after you have moved, as long as you have not registered elsewhere. 

Political Parties:

If you wish to change your party enrollment, you may do so by filling out a new voter registration form. Members of political parties may vote only in their own party's primary elections. Unenrolled voters (commonly referred to as "independents") and members if political designations or minor parties may vote i the party primary of their choice. Choosing to vote in a particular party's primary does not enroll you as a member of that party.

Identification Requirements:

Certain voters must submit a copy of their identification with their voter registration or present it at their polling place on Election Day. For more information on identification requirements, please see our page on 

Identification Requirements. 

Early Voting – In Person or by Mail

Since 2016’s Presidential Election Early Voting in person and by mail became an additional option for the Massachusetts voter.  If you are interested to vote in person during the Early Voting sessions just check out the schedule posted on the home page and show up!  It is a simple as that.  There is no Early Voting in person for Town elections.

If you want to vote by mail then you will need to submit an application to the Town Clerk’s Office.  Please be sure to realize the US Postal Service is overwhelmed by the fast changes to the Massachusetts Election Law and you should leave ample time for mailing when requesting a vote by mail ballot.  Once you cast your ballot you may drop it in the RED DROP BOXES that are on the walls of Town Hall 2 in the front and 1 at the rear ADA entrance.

Absentee Voting Eligibility 

In order to be eligible to vote by absentee ballot in Massachusetts, a voter must be prevented from voting at their polling place on Election Day, due to:

  • Absence from the voter's city or town on Election Day; or
  • Physical disability; or
  • Religious belief

New legislation is pending in reference to Early Voting on the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary. 

Applying for Absentee Ballots

Absentee ballots must be requested in writing by either the voter or the voter's family member. For convenience, absentee ballot applications mat be downloaded from this page; however, any written communication evidencing a desire for an absentee ballot is acceptable. If you would like to request an absentee ballot, you may submit an application or a signed letter to your local election official. If you are requesting an absentee ballot for a family member, be sure to submit the request to the voter's local election official.

When completing the application, you may indicate whether you are requesting a ballot for a specific election, or if you will be needing a ballot for all elections this year. Please note that absentee ballot applications expire at the end of each calendar year. If you are a voter with permanent physical disability, you may file a note from your doctor to that effect with your local election official. Voters with permanent physical disability are sent completed application at the beginning of each, to be signed and returned to their local election official. 

All requested for absentee ballots must be received by your local election official no later than 12 p.m. on the day before election for which the ballot is being requested. Applications may be submitted in person, by mail, fax, or by e-mail; however, the local election official must be able to view the signature of the person requesting the ballot. If the application is being submitted by e-mail, a scanned copy of the request must be submitted.


If you are voting by mail, you should be sure to submit your application in a timely manner. Please allow enough time for the ballot to be mailed to you and for you to return the ballot by Election Day. If you would like to vote in person, you may do so in the office of your local election official. In-person absentee voting should be arranged ahead of time.

When Absentee Ballots are Counted

Except for ballots which are rejected as defective, all absentee ballots are cast and counted by the poll workers on Election Day. Absentee ballots are included in the final tallies, and are counted where or not an election contains a close race.