Requirements of Installers

Violations & Requirements

Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

When applying for an electrical permit for a solar PV system of (10 kW or less) in addition to the standard electrical application, please include the expedited application form or equivalent available at the Solar America Board for Codes and Standards (Solar ABCs) resource. You will find all the information necessary to complete the form in its entirety here.

Listing & Labeling Equipment

All equipment, devices, and fittings shall be listed and labeled by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and installed according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions, in accordance with Article 110.3 (B) of the National Electrical Code.

Specification Sheets & Installation Manuals

You will also be required to provide specification sheets and installation manuals (if available) for all manufactured components including, but not limited to, PV modules, inverters, combiner boxes, disconnects, mounting systems, and grounding and bonding systems, with application.

Understanding Existing Electrical Service

Before completing plans for a PV system, the installer must understand that most PV systems will become part of the existing electrical service including the grounding electrode system. The existing systems, because of the addition of the PV systems, code changes, or as a result of normal wear issues since it was installed, may no longer be compliant or safe. Additions or modifications under these conditions could create a code violation.

The applicant will be responsible for making the existing service and its grounding electrode system safe and in compliance with the current edition of the Massachusetts Electrical Code, before connection to the PV system is made.

Winchester requires prior notice before installation so that an in progress inspection can be scheduled.

Inaccessible Roof-Mounted Installations

Please provide clear photos of mounting system, module frame and grounding, cable management and protection method, fittings at conduits and boxes, all conductor terminations, combiner boxes with cover removed, all labels including manufacturer labels at the modules, and micro-inverters (if installed). Photos must be date stamped, time and location, on photos.

PV system inspections require extended review; request for inspections along with required pictures as noted above must be received 72 hours before inspection will be scheduled.

Denis Slater
Wiring Inspector