Finance Committee Subcommittees

Finance Committee Subcommittees

In addition to serving the role of information collection and review, subcommittees of the Finance Committee work to improve its own functioning (i.e., communications) and provide representatives to other committees of the town as shown below.

Subcommittees & Responsibilities

  • Communications - Reviews and composes communications from the FinCom to Town Meeting, officials, and the general public
  • Education - Schools
  • General Government - Town manager, Finance Committee, Comptroller, Assessors, Collector / Treasurer, Planning Board, Planning, Engineering, Building and Zoning, Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission, General Services, town clerk
  • Human Services and Recreation - Board of Health, Council on Aging, Veteran’s Services, Library, Archival Center, Recreation Enterprise, and Fields
  • Personnel - Wage increases / adjustments and personnel warrant articles
  • Public Safety - Police, Fire, Sealer of Weights and Measures
  • Public Works - Facilities, Maintenance, Transfer Station, Cemetery, Snow and Ice, Water and Sewer Enterprise
  • Revenues - Town manager’s revenue projections
  • Undistributed - Energy, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, General Insurance, Pension Contributions, Debt and Interest, and Other Post Employment Benefits

Representatives or Appointees on Other Committees

  • Capital Planning Committee (2 members)
  • Educational Facilities Planning and Building Committee (EFPBC) (1 member)
  • Energy Conservation Committee (1 member)
  • Master Planning Steering Committee (1 member)
  • Non-Union Employees Committee (1 member)
  • Wright-Locke Farm Conservancy (1 member)