Traffic and Transportation Advisory Committee


The Traffic and Transportation Committee (TTAC) advises the Select Board and Town Manager about Winchester’s interdepartmental Traffic and Transportation Program. The Program aims to steadily improve Winchester’s transportation facilities, operations, and services for all users and all modes of travel so that even the most vulnerable users can move throughout town more safely, comfortably, and expeditiously, year-round.

What is Winchester’s Traffic and Transportation Program:

The purpose of the program is to improve the safety and effectiveness of roadway, bikeway, walkway, parking and transit facilities, operations and services within the Town of Winchester. A key underpinning of the program is the Complete Streets policy adopted by the Select Board and detailed here

The objectives of the program are:

  • Identify traffic and transportation safety, capacity and performance needs;
  • Develop policy, regulatory, educational, capital and operating improvements (as appropriate) to address the needs;
  • Assess the benefits, costs and risks of the proposed improvements; and
  • Set out a multi-year action program.

A major goal of the program is to establish and consistently maintain, for ongoing management purposes, a standard set of maps, tables, lists and other documents*:

  • Known and anticipated needs looking forward at least three years;
  • Planned and initiated improvement projects and programs on a rolling three fiscal year basis

The collection of these documents is known as the "Road Book".

Town Manager anticipates reporting annually to the Select Board on the status and accomplishments of the program.

Request for Traffic or Transportation Improvement

If you would like the Town to make a roadway, traffic, bikeway, walkway, parking or transit improvement in your neighborhood or other area of town, please fill out a request form. The form will provide us with information to understand the problem, direct the request to the appropriate town departments and boards, and contact you.

Request for Roadway, Traffic, Bikeway, Walkway, Parking or Transit Transportation Improvement (PDF)

How are we doing?

Submitted to
DateStatusImplementation Status
Sidewalk Policy
Select Board
Solomon Foundation Grant - AcceptanceSelect Board1/7/20AcceptedImplementing
Reaffirming TTAV RoleSelect Board12/16/19PendingTM to redraft for SB approval
Policy Regarding "Do Not Enter" and "Do Not Block Intersection Signage"
Select Board
Road Striping PolicySelect Board10/29/18ApprovedImplementing

How to Get Involved with TTAC and the Traffic and Transportation Program:

Attend a meeting: TTAC meets monthly. Meetings are posted on the Town of Winchester calendar and are open to the public. Public comments are welcome.  

Become a member: Members are appointed by the Select Board for 3 year terms and openings may be available now.  For details and to apply click here.

For current openings - Please click here