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02/03/2020 View the Master Plan Action Plan here.

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Be sure to come to a public hearing on February 10th at 7:00pm. If you cannot make the meeting, please send your comments to before February 20th. Thanks for your input!

07/30/2019 Since Winchester’s Master Plan project kicked off last fall, we have heard from residents on the community’s key assets, concerns, and challenges—and how they envision the future of Winchester over the next ten years. In the first phase’s existing conditions analysis, we learned about the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing Winchester today. Then, through an extensive six-month engagement and visioning process, the project team developed a draft vision statement and set of draft goals for Winchester tomorrow.

The Winchester Master Plan Project Team and Master Plan Steering Committee are excited to share with you the draft community vision statement and goals developed during Phase II: What Could Winchester’s Future Be Like?

You can view the draft community vision statement and goals here.

As this project enters Phase III: How Should Winchester Achieve Its Vision and Goals?, we need your help to prioritize these twenty-three goals to help determine which are the most important to focus on over the next 10 years. Please take a moment out of your day to share your thoughts by clicking the link below.

The survey will remain open until August 30th.

Thank you for all your participation in the Winchester Master Plan. If you value this community engagement approach to this planning project, please share this coUrbanize page with your friends and neighbors:

03/27/2019 The Winchester Master Plan is moving into Phase II, Visioning and Goals. During this portion of the plan development, JM Goldson will be engaging the community in order to gain feedback from residents about how they would like to see Winchester improve as a place to live, work, and/or play over the next 10 years. 

Below is a list of dates specifying when and where you can give your feedback, but we encourage you to engage in your own "Do-It-Yourself" meeting kit located at You can download the kit and bring it to your next book club or religious group meeting for example. This would allow residents that do not have the time to go to public meetings to be able to participate in the Master Plan process. Please spread the word and hope to see you at any or all of the following locations: 

  • Friday, April 19th | Morning at the Jenks Center (10 AM - 12 PM)
  • Saturday, May 11th | Wright-Locke Farm’s Mother’s Day Plant Sale (All Day)
  • Saturday, June 1st | Town Day (All Day)

02/4/2019 We are excited to announce the release of the draft report and executive summary of Phase I’s Existing Conditions Analysis available here and on the coUrbanize Website

The report provides detailed analysis of the physical, environmental, cultural, and demographic characteristics of Winchester presented in an introduction and seven chapters. The executive summary provides an overview of the key findings in the report.

Please email all comments to Winchester Town Planner, Brian Szekely at by February 22nd.

01/16/2019 - The first of several events to solicit feedback from the public is scheduled to be held at the Jenks Center on February 26, 2019. Please continue to use the coUrbanize Website to communicate with our consultant.

12/19/2018 – We have launched the coUrbanize website, which allows members of the community to provide input and post concerns about Winchester. The comments are monitored by our consultant, JM Goldson, for inclusion in the Winchester Master Plan 2030. To access this website, click coUrbanize Website.

11/28/2018 - The Phase I and II reports are nearly complete and will be posted online in the coming weeks. Public comment will begin in January, 2019.

10/31/2018 -  JM Goldson is compiling documents and beginning to write the report for Phase I (of IV) to be completed by the end of December. A draft will be available before the new year that will outline Winchester’s "Yesterday and Today."

10/18/2018 - JM Goldson has reviewed the Winchester Community Survey results and conducted a series of focus group meetings. The resulting documents are available on the Master Plan Related Documents page.

10/03/2018 - The JM Goldson team has met with several Master Plan Focus Groups (32 committee representatives, local business owners and selected residents) to develop the Master Plan chapters that are required by Massachusetts General Law. For more information about the law governing Master Plans, see If you have questions about the process or want to get involved, please send email to

09/12/2018 - We are excited to have hired a master plan consultant, Jennifer M. Goldson. You can learn more about her and her team at http://www.jmgoldson.

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