Guidelines for Social Distancing

As reopening is taking place in our community, it is important that we continue taking precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19, which remains a risk. We must still follow Social Distancing Guidelines to be protective of our most vulnerable residents, the elderly and the medically compromised (More information on high risk individuals).

Overall, the best way to assess whether or not you should engage in an activity, in any setting, is to ask “Can I maintain a safe distance (min. 6 feet) from others?”  If the answer is no, the recommendation is not to do it.

arms length

The following recommendations apply to all residents, businesses and settings in town:

  • No in-person socializing outside of the immediate household members if can not maintain 6 feet or more of distance from one another and wear a face covering.

  • When contact required with others for essential purposes (e.g. obtaining groceries, medicines and necessary supplies) attempt to maintain 6 feet or more apart from others and wear a face covering.

  • When outside for recreation (walking, biking, hiking etc.) maintain 6 feet or more apart from others and wear a face covering if not possible.

  • Don’t shake hands or hug.

  • Continue to wash your hands frequently, cough and sneeze into your elbow and practice overall good hygiene.

High Risk Populations: Over 65 years old and medically compromised individuals:  Take extra precautions and try to remain at home as much as possible.  More information on high risk individuals