Information for Food Establishments

Is live entertainment is allowed?

For Phase 3, Step 1 Musical and other performances: 

  • Must follow the latest Theater and Performance Venue guidance, including distance between performers and between performers and attendees (For outdoor live performances, singing and the playing of brass and wind instruments is discouraged. 
  • For performances involving singing or brass or wind instruments, special distancing should be followed: • At least 10 feet between performers. At least 25 feet between performers and first row of the audience.) 
  • Performances at indoor venues may not include singing or the playing of wind or brass instruments. 

Full performance worksite safety guidance can be found here

Tuesday, March 17th until April 7th, there will be no on-site eating or drinking allowed at restaurants and bars. Only take-out or delivery service is allowed. Please consider ways to:

 Inform your customers by posting signs, via social media, etc.

 Prevent sitting and/or lingering of patrons (move chairs, block off seating areas to dining and bar areas, etc)

 Encourage social distancing, especially in customer line (spacing between people of at least 6ft).

 Remind customers of good personal hygiene habits (washing hands, covering coughs, staying home if sick). MA DPH offers a poster you can print and hang here

NOTE: The above Order does not restrict food service at daycare settings, or nursing homes.

The Health Department will suspend all routine inspection activity until April 7th. We will continue to follow up on complaints, food-borne illness investigations and any emergency situations.

Please continue with good handwashing practices and exclude all employees with flu-like symptoms. If you suspect that you, or a member of your staff are ill, please stay home.