2021-10-03 - Church-Waterfield Construction Notice
Fall 2021_Construction_Flyer (002)

On-going Projects

  1. Eversource 115kv Project – Eversource is continuing construction on the 115kV project. Work is currently on-going on Bacon Street and at the intersection of Church, Bacon, and Fletcher Streets. They hope to be out of that intersection by the end of August, and if not we expect that they will be limited to an 8:30am start in the intersection. They will also be working through the fall on operations at the Wedgemere Station and wrapping up work on Main Street and at Symmes Corner. They expect to be actively working in Winchester through at least next spring.
  2. Eversoure 345kV Project – Construction activities started on Washington Street headed south earlier this summer. Work is currently near the Winchester Hospital facility at 620 Washington Street. The will be jumping over the Aberjona River crossing and continuing down Washington Street through the fall. The jack and bore operation at Washington Street bridge may also proceed this fall subject to Town approval. Per our MOU, Eversource is not allowed to work on Cross Street while Swanton Street is closed. Eversource has not provided us with an overall project schedule, but I expect that construction on the 345kV project will be on-going through at least summer 2022.
  3. MassDOT Vinson Owen Safe Routes to School Project – Work is on-going on Johnson Road and Ridge Street around the VO School. MassDOT expects the contractor to complete all sidewalk and curbing work at the corner closest to the school and along the front of the school by the time school starts. Work at the other three corners and up Johnson Road will continue into the fall. They expect to install the new traffic signals next spring.
  4. Swanton Street Bridge – The Swanton Street bridge project is moving forward, but has been delayed by the rainy weather this month. The road was originally supposed to be reopened on September 15th, but the contractor has requested a time extension, which is currently being reviewed by Town staff, VHB, and Town Counsel.
  5. DPW Roads and Sidewalk work – Work is on-going throughout Town.
  6. National Grid gas main repairs and replacement – Work is on-going throughout Town.

Upcoming Projects

  1. Church Street at Waterfield Road – Project is set to be bid in August, with an expected construction start in late September or early October.
  2. Wildwood Street/Woodside Road – Toole is working towards developing the final design and bid documents. Once received, we will evaluate whether to bid the project this fall or hold off until next spring.
  3. Lake Street Bridge – Project will be bid after we obtain our Chapter 91 license. This permit is unpredictable and has a long lead time. Expect construction in late 2021 or early 2022 depending on permitting schedule. Bridge will be closed for duration of construction.