Covid-19 Vaccine


Effective Monday, March 22nd the next tier eligible for a vaccination are adults 60+ and certain workers with other groups to follow:

  • March 22nd: Residents 60+ and certain workers

  • April 5th: Residents 55+ and residents with one certain medical condition

  • April 19th: General public ages 16 years of age and older

Book available appointments at: 

book ahead AT:

If you know a senior who does not have access to a computer or you are a senior that needs help registering, call the Jenks Center at 781 721-7136  for assistance.


The Winchester Health Department has received limited allotments of vaccines that we have dedicated to the most vulnerable residents in Town, specifically homebound and our oldest residents as they are at highest risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19. Kathy Whittaker, our Public Health Nurse has been making visits to homebound residents to administer vaccines.  The state provided Local Health Departments vaccines to administer to eligible housing authority residents and the Winchester Health Department held clinics at our 2 housing authority developments.  As supply allows, we will make vaccines available to eligible residents.  The Health Department is poised to vaccinate all school staff efficiently and conveniently at school buildings but unfortunately that is currently not an option.   When it is your turn, don't miss your shot to save lives.  And when you do, post a picture on social media and use the hashtag #winchestervaccinates.  Together we can make COVID history!