Dog Waste and Water Quality

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Did You Know

  • As of June 2022 there are 1,823 licensed dogs in Winchester.
    1. Each one of these dogs produces about ¾ pounds of solid waste per day.
  • Dog waste contains two types of pollutants that can degrade water quality – nutrients and pathogens.  
    1. Nutrients increase algae growth which consumes the oxygen in the water, lowering water quality and can harm fish and other aquatic life.   
    2. Pathogens can make waters unusable and cause illness.
  • When it rains, these pollutants are carried over our sidewalks, driveways, and roads into the nearest storm drain where they flow untreated directly into the nearest water body.

How You Can Help

  • Bring it – bring a plastic bag while walking your dog.
  • Bag it – use the plastic bag as a glove to pick up the waste.  Scoop it up and turn the bag inside out around the waste.
  • Dispose it – properly dispose of the waste in a trash can.  Waste should not be placed in a compost pile because the parasites, bacteria and viruses are not readily destroyed during the composting process.  Never throw dog waste into a catch basin.  

 As A Reminder 

  • Pick up pet waste in your own yard
  • Bring dogs to areas where they are allowed

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