Sustainable Landscaping

A Sustainable Landscape Example

Sustainable Landscaping: Think Outside the Lawn

The landscaping practices we choose have important impacts beyond aesthetics. They also impact water quality, soil erosion, flooding, and the ability of birds, insects and other wildlife to survive in Winchester. A sustainable landscape can be beautiful without sacrificing those other important values. In fact, it can enhance them.

Many property owners want to maintain their yards in more sustainable ways, but don't know where to start, and/or don't want to pay a professional landscape designer. We have a solution! Winchester was awarded a grant in 2023 from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council to help homeowners, landscapers and others learn how to maintain properties in ways that save water, reduce pesticides and carbon pollution, improve wildlife and pollinator habitat, reduce soil erosion, and make properties more attractive. In collaboration with the towns of Arlington and Stoneham, Winchester created a Sustainable Landscape Handbook and held three training sessions on sustainable landscaping. You can access the Handbook and watch recordings of the training sessions by clicking on the below links.

Click here for the Sustainable Landscape Handbook.

Sustainable Landscape Training Sessions

Workshop 1: Sustainable Landscape Design
Video recording available here
Slide deck available here

- How to analyze your yard
- Goals & Vision for your space
- What questions to ask your designer/ landscaper (for those who do not undertake the project on their own) to ensure that you are starting off sustainably
- Sustainable approaches (lawn alternatives, native plants, minimize lawn, reduced water use, battery powered tools)

Workshop 2: Sustainable Landscape Construction / Implementation 
Video recording available here
Slide deck available here

- Erosion control methods
- Where to find locally grown native plant material
- Great questions to ask the nursery
- Minimizing land disturbance on your property

Workshop 3: Sustainable Landscape Maintenance
Video recording available here
Slide deck available here

- Pest management
- Reduced and reused water on your property
- Organic fertilizers
- Electric lawn tools

Another good reference to help you plan for a more sustainable landscape on your property is the Winchester native plant list from the Conservation Commission.

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