Communications Study Committee


TAKE OUR COMMUNITY SURVEY - Share your thoughts.  The CSC kicked off a community survey at our Town Day booth, seeking input from residents and constituents regarding Winchester Town Government communication.  We invite you to take the survey by CLICKING HERE 

Report to Spring Town Meeting.  The Town Meeting Communications Study Committee presented its interim report to the 2022 Spring Town Meeting on the evening of April 25.  The committee reported that the Town’s communication practices were not keeping up with the dramatic changes in the communication environment and media landscape and therefore needed substantial improvement.  In interviews, surveys and public listening sessions, the Committee reported hearing from town officials, Town Meeting Members and residents alike that they found it difficult and often frustrating to get timely and accurate information about Town policies, programs and projects.  The interim report summarized the key communication issues.  The Committee will report its recommended solutions to the November 2022 Fall Town Meeting.  

Read the Communications Study Committee interim report by clicking here.  Watch the WinCAM video of the Committee’s presentation to Town Meeting by clicking here.  The presentation begins at recording minute 58.  

Communications Survey of 2021 Town Meeting Members.  The Town Meeting Communications Study Committee completed a survey of 2021 Town Meeting Members.  The survey asked the Town Meeting Members if communications between the Town’s boards, committees and commissions and Town Meeting; among Town Meeting Members; and between Town Meeting Members and their precinct constituents were sufficient for them to make well-informed votes.  The Committee received 132 responses from the 186 Members serving in Fall 2021 Town Meeting (71 percent response rate).  

Read more about the survey findings by clicking here.   

Public Listening Sessions.  The Town Meeting Communications Study Committee held two public listening sessions on April 13, 2022.  To encourage as much public participation as possible, the Committee hosted an afternoon and an evening session, and organized the sessions as “hybrid” (in person and Zoom) meetings.  Overall, fifty residents participated.

Read more about the Committee’s public listening sessions by sessions clicking here.  Watch the Zoom recordings of Session 1 by clicking here and Session 2 by clicking here.  

About the CSC

The Communications Study Committee was established by the 2021 Fall Town Meeting to respond to the dramatic changes that have taken place in the communications environment in the past 25 years.   Today’s fractured media landscape has significantly changed how residents learn about the work of Town Meeting and the Town’s elected and appointed boards.  

The Committee will evaluate opportunities to improve effective communication among residents, the Town’s elected and appointed boards, commissions and committees, and Town Meeting Members, especially communication about articles and motions to be considered and voted at Town Meetings.   

The Committee is to solicit advice from Town Meeting members, Town boards, commissions and committees, town civic groups and businesses, and town residents; consider best practices in Winchester and elsewhere; and recommend actions to improve communications.  

Read more about the Committee’s charge at Article 31


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Work Plan and Schedule

PhaseWork TaskOutreach Tasks

Feb 2022 to Apr 2022 
Spring Town Meeting

  • Organize committee and refine work plan
  • Identify issues and potential actions
  • Research and assess potential actions
  • Outline recommendations (first approximation)
  • Report progress to Spring Town Meeting
  • Survey Town gov’t, businesses, civic groups and public
  • Conduct outreach meetings and public hearing/s

May 2022 to Nov 2022 
Fall Town Meeting

  • Develop and detail recommendations
  • Estimate costs and benefits
  • Prepare warrant articles for TM
  • Report recommendations to Fall Town Meeting
  • Present warrant articles
  • Review recommendations and articles with TM committees and town boards
  • Conduct outreach meetings and public hearing/s

Read more about the Committee's work plan and schedule at Work Plan