Master Plan Implementation Committee

The MPIC is an advisory committee to the Planning Board, which is responsible for updating and maintaining the Town’s Comprehensive Master Plan.

The MPIC’s charge is to ensure the vision, goals and strategies of the Master Plan’s Action Plan are achieved through advocacy, collaboration, research and communication with the Winchester community.

The Master Plan Action Plan outlines a number of strategies to achieve the Master Plan’s goals and visions. Each of those strategies identifies a number of “responsible parties” whose actions and involvement are consequential to successful implementation of the strategy. The MPIC shall work with these parties in a supportive and collaborative role to:

  • Assist the parties in understanding how the Master Plan integrates with their existing priorities and responsibilities to enable these parties to advance their own goals while simultaneously advancing the goals of the Master Plan.
  • Identify synergies between different Winchester entities, governmental and non-governmental, that can be leveraged to implement the Master Plan goals.
  • Provide information on the scope and progress of Master Plan activities and track the Town’s progress towards achieving the goals outlined in the Master Plan by defining and tracking metrics.
  • Identify topics requiring further study and research and report recommendations and priorities.

The Master Plan presents a road map as well as a menu of individual actions that need to be taken by a number of Town Boards and Committees. There are many of moving pieces, and the MPIC will be at the heart of the process, keeping track of what needs to be done, and helping coordinate, educate, and guide along the way. Because there's no single entity in charge of actually implementing the Master Plan, achieving its goals requires collaboration, education, diplomacy, and transparency.

The Planning Board’s intention is that the MPIC be fairly independent of the Board, however the Board and the Town Planner will always be there to provide support.

The MPIC is composed of the Town Planner, a Youth Representative, and eight members representing the four “core themes” identified in the Master Plan: Balancing Development with Preservation; Connecting People to Places; Ensuring Sustainability; and Building Community. Each theme is represented by two committee members.