Water and Sewer Department

2022 Drought Alert

On June 13, 2022, the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs declared a Level 2 – Significant Drought in both the Northeast and Southeast Regions of the Commonwealth. The Town of Winchester is supplied drinking water from the Town’s reservoir system and from the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA). The MWRA supplies water to 53 customer communities including Winchester. MWRA's water comes from the Quabbin Reservoir, about 65 miles west of Boston, and the Wachusett Reservoir, about 35 miles west of Boston. The two reservoirs combined supply an average of approximately 200 million gallons per day to consumers.

The MWRA has indicated that their system is in normal operating range, and there are no mandatory water use restrictions for MWRA customers. The Town’s Middle and South reservoirs are also operating in normal ranges, and we are not recommending mandatory conservation measures at this time. 

Even though there are no restrictions to using water, we encourage residents to conserve water wherever you can, so that if the drought continues, we will have the water we need.

You can find more information on water conservation here -

You can reach the Water and Sewer by calling the DPW at 781-721-7100.

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