Holton/Cross/Swanton Street Study

Zoomed in image of the Limited Light Industrial zoning area in Winchester, MA.

Study Purpose

The Holton/Cross/Swanton Street area has been the subject of past study in the Town of Winchester. The 1997 Triangle Master Plan and the 2030 Winchester Master Plan identified the Holton/ Cross/Swanton Street area as an opportunity zone in the Town. This study was identified and funded by the Town of Winchester Planning Board to provide a vision for the Holton/Cross/ Swanton Street area that frames recommended zoning changes, design guidelines, and public realm improvements. The Town of Winchester hired the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to lead the study, facilitate the visioning process, and provide recommendations.

The Town of Winchester is proactively planning for the future success of the Holton/Cross/Swanton Street area. This planning is consistent with the comprehensive Town-wide Master Plan completed in 2020. The overarching objectives of this study are to:

• Increase the value of the non-residential tax base

• Update zoning that strategically responds to the market and creates more cohesive neighborhood buffering

• Create more predictability and reduce competing forces.

Study Process

The study was undertaken from May of 2022 through June of 2023. The process began with an analysis of the current conditions of the Holton/Cross/Swanton Street area to provide a foundation of data for the discussion of recommendations. That analysis is summarized in this report. An analysis of the current zoning in the study area was also undertaken to provide a baseline for zoning recommendations. Public input was gathered through two community meetings, with one held in June of 2022 and one held in April of 2023, and through a series of stakeholder interviews. Two community surveys were available following the community meetings in order to provide additional opportunities for public input.

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