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Jan 06

January 2015 - Town Center Parking Plan

Posted on January 6, 2015 at 9:02 AM by Jennifer Cafarella

A short while ago I wrote in this space of the efforts and changes that were being made to the Town’s parking plans within the Town Center area.  I am taking the opportunity to write again on the topic because of the important changes that will be put in place during the month of January 2015.  

Parking pay stations that allow for multiple hour parking for $1.00 per hour from 7:00am to 6:00pm every day except Sunday are now in place at the top Aberjona parking Lot (21 spaces) and at Laraway Road (31 spaces) both off of Waterfiled Road in Town Center.  These machines are easy to operate; just know your parking spot number, pay and walk away.  Payments can be made with a cellphone remote application as well.  (the app provides easy access to this feature.)

The purpose behind these spaces is to provide Town Center shoppers, diners and customers with a convenient, and affordable parking option for those who need longer than average stay in the Town Center area; medical appointments, grooming and styling appointments , lunches and meetings.  If this parking feature proves to be successful it is expected that a third location, at the Cullen parking lot (3X spaces) off of Shore Road, will be added as paid parking.

The second major change that is taking place in January is the change= to the on-street  parking regulations for all of the spaces within the Town Center streets (Main Street, Mt. Vernon Street, Church Street, Thompson Street, Converse Place, Winchester Place and Waterfield Road).  All of the on-street spaces will now be either one hour or 30 minute parking.  The purpose of this change is to keep the on-street parking turning over at a regular pace for shoppers who are conducting short-term transaction; banking, coffee purchasing, merchandise shopping are all transactions that utilize rapid turnover close to a specific storefront.  All of these changes are highlighted on a map of the Town Center shown at  

We are committed to studying the effectiveness of these changes and making adjustments based upon feedback and experience.  The goal is to make visiting and operating a business in Winchester Town Center an enjoyable experience.

We have worked with stakeholders especially the Winchester Chamber of Commerce in designing these changes.  We will continue to work with all concerned to find right solutions for parking in Town Center.

Dec 09

December 2014 - Green Communities

Posted on December 9, 2014 at 9:49 AM by Jennifer Cafarella

Over the years the Town has made a particular effort to embrace energy and environmental practices that produce both good fiscal results and beneficial environmental results at the local level.

Since the passage of the Green Communities Act in 2008, Winchester has been at the forefront of pursuing State grant funding to help with energy conservation projects for the Town and for private residents and businesses.

Local volunteer groups like the Energy Management Committee, Cool Winchester, Sustainable Winchester, and the Trash Pickers have helped the Town obtain funding from large scale Town-wide projects like entire replacement of the streetlights, to smaller projects like the weatherization of homes of senior citizen in collaboration with the Council on Aging.  Savings range in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for entities like the Town, to several thousands of dollars towards an individual’s annual household budget.  There are many other examples as well, from the smart energy design of new schools to the reduction of trash disposal tonnage through the introduction of the volunteer “SMART” sticker program at the Transfer Station.

You can learn more about Winchester’s leading role in the State and about the Massachusetts’ Green Communities Program by going to this link

Aug 18

August 2014 - Town Center Parking

Posted on August 18, 2014 at 1:31 PM by Jennifer Cafarella

For several years now Town officials have been implementing a series of parking changes designed to organize the available inventory of off-street and on-street parking in and around Town Center.  

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