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The original item was published from 4/30/2018 6:14:52 PM to 5/8/2018 11:49:05 AM.

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Posted on: April 30, 2018

[ARCHIVED] TOWN DAY - Temporary Food Concession Permit

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Temporary Food Concessions
Town of Winchester

When any group or organization wishes to provide food for public consumption at a special event, the group assumes responsibility for the proper preparations, transportation, display and disposal of the food products.

The guidelines listed below are required at all special event food concessions operating in The Town of Winchester to ensure sanitary and safe food handling and distribution:


  • All foods must be obtained from a licensed retail or wholesale food distributor.
  • Menu is limited to approved items identified in the application
  • Do not prepare foods at home. Food items prepared off site (commercial facilities) must be prepared in a pre-approved licensed establishment. A copy of the current license and inspection report must be submitted with the application
  • Ice that is consumed or contacts food items must be made from an approved water source and must be stored in a way that protects the ice from contamination
  • Maintain Potential Hazardous Foods (PHF= products containing meats, fish, dairy, or egg) below 41°For above 140°F during storage, transportation, and display.
  • Cold foods stored at 41°F or below
  • Hot foods stored at 140°F or above
  • Raw meats must be stored so they will not contaminate other foods.
  • Store all food, equipment, utensils, and single service items at least 6 inches off the floor/ground.
  • Food must be stored in clean sanitized food grade plastic bags or containers. Garbage bags are not allowed.
  • Protect food and utensils during display, preparation, and storage, i.e., no preparation or unprotected foods on customer service counters, use covers and guards, and no display of foods that are unwrapped or unshielded.
  • Minimize food handling.
  • Condiments must be either dispensed from squeeze bottles or individual packets.
  • Use only single service (disposable) plates and utensils. 
  • Food employees must use utensils, disposable papers, disposable gloves, or any other means approved by the health dept. No bare hand contact with food.
  • All toxic materials are labeled and stored separately from foods, utensils, and food containers.

Only those toxic materials needed for the food operation are onsite.


  • There must be one designated person in charge at all times and onsite during the entire event who is responsible for compliance with the regulations.
  • The person in charge must make all personnel/employees aware that if they are experiencing any illness or infectious symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, vomiting, jaundice, sore throat with fever, or have been diagnosed with a disease transmissible through food, they cannot work with food or clean equipment or utensils. Infected cuts and lesions on fingers or hands must be covered and protected with waterproof materials.
  • Handwashing facilities must be provided. If you have no handsink available then you must use a minimum two-gallon insulated container with a spigot for the water, a basin, soap, and disposable towels must be provided. The container must be filled with warm water 100° to 120°F. A handwashing sign must be posted. If no water is available you must have an adequate supply of waterless hand sanitizers.
  • Establishments serving potentially hazardous foods without appropriate handwashing facilities will not be allowed to operate.
  • Food personnel/employees must wear clean clothing and hats or an alternate effective hair restraint. Tobacco usage and eating are not permitted by food personnel/employees in .the food preparation and service areas.
  • Water storage shall be in an approved, clean and sanitized container


  • Food containers must be cleaned and sanitized after each use. Potentially hazard food containers must be cleaned and sanitized every 4 hours.
  • Must have an adequate number of mechanical refrigeration units/or ice chests to maintain PHF's at required temperatures
  • Cooking equipment must be capable of heating foods to 165°F
  • Approved clean and sanitized food thermometers must be available and used frequently for measuring food temperatures during cooking and holding. Thermometer must be able to read between 0° and 220°F. ·
  • Wiping cloths must be provided and stored in an approved sanitizer 
  • Test strips for selected sanitizer must be available to test sanitizer solution for proper concentration. A bleach sanitizer must be 50-l00ppm and an ammonia-based solution must be 200ppm.
  • The water source must be potable water. Hot and cold water must be available under pressure.
  • Garbage or refuse containers must be clean, lined and covered. There also must be an adequate number available.
  • Type A/B/C fire extinguishers must be available when using flammable gases or liquids.
  • If you are renting portable toilets, you must have the required amount and the company must be a licensed septage hauler in Lexington.
  • Sufficient supply of paper towels
  • Sufficient supply of handwashing solution
  • Sufficient supply of chemical sanitizer (chlorine bleach, ammonia, or iodine)
  • Sufficient fuel for cooking and hot holding of foods
  • Extra plastic wrap and/or foil to cover food containers during holding


  • You must have a sanitizer solution made up to sanitize any utensils that are being used as needed. You cannot wash large equipment on site i.e. pots, pans etc.
  • Use chlorine bleach or other approved sanitizers for sanitizing food contact surfaces, equipment, and wiping cloths
  • Wastewater must be disposed of in an approved wastewater disposal system. If there is no approved place on site you must keep the wastewater in covered containers labeled "Wastewater" and dispose later at an approved site.


  • All light bulbs over or near food or storage areas must be shatterproof or shielded
  • Personal clothing and belongings must be stored in a designated place, away from food preparation, food service, and any warewashing area
  • Your temporary food permit must be posted and visible to consumers


  • Poultry - 165°F 
  • Pork- 155°F
  • Seafood - 155°F
  • Ground Beef- 160°F 
  • Stuffed Meats - 165°F
  • Sausages - 165°F

If items are not cooked to minimum temperatures then a consumer advisory must be posted

NOTE: Pre-cooked meats are preferred

All temporary food establishments are subject to inspection at any time

All items above must be provided at any approved temporary food concession operated in The Town of Winchester. Failure to provide any item above may result in the immediate closure of the food concession. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact The Health Department at (781) 721-7121.

NOTE: Contact the Winchester Fire Department at 781-721-7121 if you are using a grill of any kind. Permission must be obtained PRIOR to the event.

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